Making cable cutting easier than ever before

The new KNIPEX cable cutter

Innovation 2020

KNIPEX StepCut: a quantum leap in cable cutting

Graded cutting edges separate single strandes one by one – saving your energy

Good news for all electricians: The KNIPEX StepCut 95 XX 160 cuts multi-stranded cables a lot easier than other cables shears of the same length. This is possible thanks to the induction-hardened cutting edges: milled to a wavy form on the front and ground flat on the back. This allows the KNIPEX StepCut to cut strands and wires one after the other, saving up to 40 percent of your effort. It also gives the only 16 centimetre long cable cutter a surprisingly big capacity: it cuts single- and multi-strand cables made of copper and aluminium up to a diameter of 15 millimetres (50 mm²) and solid NYM-cables up to 5 x 4 mm² easily and precisely. More advantages: The KNIPEX StepCut leaves really smooth edges, cuts without squishing or crushing the cable, features a pinch guard to prevent injuries and moves smoothly, effortlessly and precisely thanks to its bolted joint.

Not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors.


Cable cutting made easy

See for yourself


Step by step: the clever design of the KNIPEX StepCut

Let the new KNIPEX Step Cut cable cutter convince you. You will need considerably less effort to cut cables: with the gradations in the cutting edges it cuts wires and strands one by one

Only a little pressure on the handles is enough for the induction-hardened cutting edges to cut into the sheath of a multi-stranded cable.

Work with only one hand: open, slide in, it fits!

Gripping capacity Ø 28 mm, width across flats up to 24 mm – at only 100 mm length


You can handle it: The three versions of the KNIPEX StepCut

Cable cutter 95 11 160

The handles of the slim 95 11 160 version are coated in plastic. The pliers remain really handy, but still offer a comfortable and good grip.

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Cable cutter 95 12 160

The 95 12 160 version has multicomponent handles, which are especially ergonomic. The soft, blue component distributes the introduced manual force gently – very suitable for frequent and regular cable cutting.

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Cable cutter 95 16 160

The red-and-yellow VDE handles of the 95 16 160 version are tested according to DIN EN / IEC 60900 standard. They protect you from voltage of up 1000 V, increasing your personal safety when working on electrical systems.

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